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Bharat Jangam is a renowned modern novelist and freelance journalist from Nepal. He had written several books in Nepali language, some are translated into other foreign languages. His first novel ‘The Black Sun’ is translated into English, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Assami, Maithali, Kanada and Newari languages. ‘The Red Sun’ and ‘Vicious Circle’ are translated into English and Hindi languages.

He wields his pen with revolutionary zeal. He is extremely dedicated to the democratic rights and human values.

Jangam is best speaker, commentator and internationally acclaimed author. He has sacrificed his entire life to establish moral value in human society.

Bharat Jangam is a creator of “Science of Anticorruption” in the academic arena. His neo-science is based on modern problem of human which is at present in the process of testing and developing in Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. A notion “Science of Anticorruption” is an invaluable gift to the Academic-World.

He has published hundreds of articles and presented dozens of papers in various seminars and meetings on anti-corruption.

Bharat Jangam is founder and president of the ‘Forum for Independent Thinking’. The Forum has launched many activities against corruption and turmoil in Nepalese society.

Bharat Jangam is a social writer with a political vision, his cherished goal is the achievement of honesty, integrity and morality in the conduct of social and individual life.